Lamorna’s Fair Trade Day

Monday, 23rd April 2018

On Saturday 21 st April 2018, Lamorna’s Fair Trade (Lamofair) Committee organised a fair trade awareness day. The purpose of such a day is to increase people’s awareness of fair trade and the benefits that can be gained from it.

As we are relatively new to fair trade, our present goals are to improve living standards of employees and their families. This is being achieved through:

  • provision of certain household items such as duvets, mattresses and building materials to employees;
  • by offering employees the opportunity to increase their skills through courses such as driving, computing and sewing. So far thirty employees have been sent on courses;
  • by assisting with payment of school fees. Presently Lamofair has helped 120 children with their education.

The next stage will be to get involved with various community projects.

About 450 people attended the afternoon. Having had lunch, the entertainment then started. Firstly, Lamofair’s chairman, Karugu, said a few words, followed by Beatrice Katana who has been instrumental in Lamorna gaining its Fair Trade Certification. Then Peter Mureithi (Farm Manager) and Fiona Coulson (Director) gave short speeches thanking everyone for their loyalty and hard work. It was stressed that every individual on the farm was important and that all must work in harmony and with integrity to move the farm forward.

The fun then started with various departments performing short plays or singing and dancing. The performances were judged and the winning department was Lamorna 2s ladies in the field. There were a couple of extremely good mimics in their cast, who took great delight in playing Peter and Fiona. They had their characters and actions down to a tee. There was much laughter from the audience. Many people were joined in the dancing.

The afternoon was closed with a prayer. Much fun was had by all and the atmosphere was fantastic.