Medical Care at Nini Flowers

Wednesday, 9th May 2018

Nini and Lamorna between them employ 1,000 people. We consider it our duty to assist in medical care and education as much as we can. Certain medical checks are compulsory in our line of business. These are as follows:

  • An annual check up to determine any presence of a work-related disease.
  • On Lamorna this was last carried out in October 2017. 410 employees were examined and non had an occupational disease.
  • Annual eye check ups. In October 2017, 15 out of 410 people checked were referred to a specialist eye centre for further evaluation.
  • A Spirometry Lung Function Test. This is an annual test carried out on all people exposed to cold temperatures, namely people working in the cold stores.
  • A hearing test. All people working in a noisy environment are examined once a year and referred to an ENT Clinic in Naivasha if necessary.
  • Cholinesterase tests. All members of the spray teams have this test done every three months. Should the reading be high, men are taken off spraying until their cholinesterase level is back to their normal level. All sprayers are tested prior to employment to ascertain their normal level.
  • Cervical Cancer Screening. All female employees are screened annually.
  • HIV Testing. Due to its sensitive nature, HIV testing is voluntary. In September 2017 on Lamorna, 200 employees wanted to be tested. If positive, counselling is available as are retroviral drugs. Currently on Lamorna, 3% of employees are HIV positive. HIV has not spread as per original thinking. It is very much contained.
  • All employees undergo a medical examination prior to employment and at the end of their employment should they be leaving.

In addition to the above, Lamorna has a trained counsellor visit the farm each Saturday for group discussions on subjects such as substance abuse, bullying, sexual harassment and financial planning. Should people wish to have individual sessions, this is also available.

We are permanently looking to improve the well being of employees and provide them with a good working environment.