Winning the Dutch Flower Group Award for best Foreign Supplier

Tuesday, 2nd January 2018

In November 2017, Nini won the award for the Best Foreign Supplier to the Dutch Flower Group. We were surprised and humbled to receive this having taken into account the level of competition from all over the world. The DFG is supplied by approximately 100 overseas suppliers. Its turnover is Euro 1.5 billion annually. Nini won the award for its consistency of supply, consistency of product and its loyalty and long term commitment to the DFG.

We have spent considerable time and energy recapitalising our farms to make them fit for the purpose of supplying the retail sector. We have adopted a more focused culture and have dedicated ourselves to strong and long lasting partnerships, the most significant of which is our partnership with the DFG . This award comes as a result of these changes, adopted since 2011.

The award means a lot to us. It has encouraged us to further develop our Nini brand. With this in mind, we are expanding by 10 hectares in 2018 / 2019. This will increase our production by 20 million stems per year.

The DFG is our strongest and most significant marketing partner. On a weekly basis all year round, 62 percent of our production is marketed via three DFG companies; Bloom, Intergreen and Fresh From Source. We have a strong commitment to each other to continue to expand this model to our mutual benefit .

Nini is now a significant player in the retail sector and one of the few farms in Kenya dedicated to this particular all year round fixed price simple retail model.